Well, we are well under way with a new year and with that comes the opportunity for a fresh start and a new perspective on things to come. We had a very exciting 2016 and are looking forward to an even better 2017.

Every year we like to compile a list of trends that we see emerging in the culinary world and this year is no different. Here are a few things that we think are going to make their mark in 2017 locally and beyond.

A New WindsorEats

You read that right. WindsorEats will be going through our biggest overhaul ever in 2017. Exciting!! We’ll be telling the story of our region in a fresh new way. It’s going to be visually different from the WindsorEats you know but better in providing you with the information you need about food and drink in our city and county. We’re still in the process of assembling the pieces but are hoping for a spring launch.


While around for a while, pop-ups will remain strong in 2017 throughout the region, from dinners to shops. Every Friday, since 2014, Kagerou Ramen House has been serving up an authentic Japanese ramen experience within Eros Asian Eatery. The pop up is in operation only once a week for 3 hours and is always a full house. A testament to the continued popularity of pop ups.

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Our Dinner on the Pier in July was a great success and showed that there is a definite interest for these types of events. We’ve already started planning our second Dinner on a Pier event for July, 2017 and are working on a few more new and exciting pop up ideas.


Poke bowls and breakfast bowls were trending high in 2016 and that trend is going to continue on in 2017. From breakfast bowls to noodle bowls, 2016 saw the rise of pretty much anything in a bowl. Expect to see local restaurants adding their spin on what makes up a great bowl.

Whiskey & Gin

Whiskey and gin have become the spirit of choice for many. We are noticing more small batch distilleries making their mark. You’ll start seeing more whiskey & gin based cocktails making their way onto menus. You can see this trend taking shape at small batch distillers like Detroit City Distillery and Two James Spirits in Detroit.  Even our Drinks of Walkerville tour was revamped to include an exclusive walk through the JP Wiser’s distillery.

Oh silly Hiram...
Oh silly Hiram…

Breakfast, Updated

Breakfast is getting kicked up a notch. You’ve probably already noticed local eatieries who are ahead of the curve and already started offering amped up breakfasts. The Squirrel Cage: French Toast Pancakes. Thick Sliced French toast dipped in pancake batter and grilled to a delicious golden brown, topped with house made Bailey’s whipped cream and blueberry compote.

Let’s get serious for minute. If breakfast is getting an update then waffles should be part of that. We think waffles should always be a trend and this year we feel they’ll get their due justice. Pina started making waffles at home this past year and we’re definitely on board. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, waffles can take on a multitude of flavours and forms. We’ve already seen them served up savoury at places like Rino’s Kitchen (hello chicken and waffles) and expect to see variations showing up on more menus.

Food Byproducts

We are all starting to gain more concern for waste in our kitchens and restaurants. People and chefs are getting creative with off cuts and parts of vegetables that often get unused and thrown out. Items like cauliflower leaves or even coffee grinds from that single use pod are getting used in new ways.


Toronto is even going as far as introducing a new festival that uses products that would otherwise go to waste.

Trashed & Wasted is a new food event happening at Artscape Wychwood Barns on March 1. The event will feature cocktails and dishes made with ingredients that were destined for the bin in an effort to bring awareness to food waste.


You’ll probably start hearing a lot more of this word as it makes it way from the design tables to the restaurnt tables. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Nordic word meaning coziness, warmth. It is a lifestyle that embodies a sense of being and comfort. How does this translate to food? Think comfort foods, foods that make you feel good inside. A warm Nutella brownie, braised beef stew, my mom’s homemade lasagna all give me that hygge feeling.

So there you have it. Just a few of the trends that we think are going to lead the way for 2017. What trends do you see taking shape in Windsor and Essex County?