Small-Medium Sized Business of the Year Award for Canada

The Small or Medium-Sized Business of the Year Award will be presented to a tourism business (with fewer than 20 employees) that exemplifies industry best practices in all aspects of its operations, and is thus an example of all-round business excellence in the tourism industry.

Innovator of the Year for Canada

The Innovator of the Year Award will be presented to the tourism business or organization that develops the most innovative new tourism product, service or process, or the most innovative new approach to an existing tourism product, service or process that positively impacts the tourism business or the tourism industry as a whole.

Tourism Champion of the Year for Ontario

Given to an individual who embodies the spirit of tourism in Ontario. This person should be directly involved with the industry, and be able to give evidence of their contributions.

Culinary Tourism Experience Award for Ontario

This award recognizes an Ontario organization or business that delivers an exceptional, authentic consumer experience showcasing the best Ontario food and drink.

Culinary Tourism Leadership Award for Ontario

This award recognizes an Ontario organizations, collaborative group or community who has or is working on developing a destination through investment in food, drink and/or agri-tourism.

Tourism & Hospitality Business of Year for Windsor

Recognizes a business that has demonstrated excellence in the areas of hospitality and tourism, and has played a vital role in the growth of their sector. The business should demonstrate the critical success factors that have played a role in their success including employee relations, economic development/investment, business growth, and contributions to the community. This local business goes above and beyond providing extraordinary customer service and recognizes the importance of hospitality in the area as well as serving the community.