With the 2017 Winter Bites Restaurant Week here (January 16-22), we thought we’d help you out with some tips to make the most of what should be a week of overindulgence.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

There are a lot of great deals being offered by the participating restaurants this year and several menus you might find hard to resist. Be sure to plan your week in advance and be sure to savour all the creations you’re dying to try.

Chicken Parm from Enzo's
Chicken Parm from Enzo’s


Make Reservations

When planning ahead, the most important part is to be sure to make reservations, especially for the weekend. Many restaurants have been known to be booked solid on the Friday and Saturday of Winter Bites Restaurant Week so you don’t want to arrive just to leave empty handed and disappointed.


Dine Out Early In The Week

If you’re trying to avoid the crowds, make your reservations earlier in the week. Just because you have to work or go to school the next day doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on a tasty meal and enjoy a nice night out.


Share On Social Media

As disappointed as it makes us, we can’t try every dish on every menu this week. We’ve tried to before. It’s tough. That’s why we encourage you to use the #WinterBites2017 hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to share your photos.

Who knows. Someone else’s photo just may tempt you to try something you didn’t anticipate.


Try Something Different

One of the great things about Winter Bites Restaurant Week is it gives the chefs an opportunity to showcase their skills and be creative. There are several menu items made specifically for the week, like the pork belly on jalapeno cornbread from The Vines, the maple mustard glazed salmon from Beacon Ale House or even the butter chicken made with not chicken, but tenderloin beef from The Willistead. It makes it a great reason to visit a favourite restaurant again.