It’s the summer of Spritz! The WindsorEats Food Hall is launching a day dedicated to spritzes each week and introducing brunch…with a twist!

Starting Sunday, June 30, 2024, we’ll be launching Spritz Sundays with an all new spritz menu that features a “bottomless spritz” offering that include snacks, and different brunch menus being offered by each of the food trucks parked at the Food Hall.

How Will It Work?

Located at 400 Erie Street East, the WindsorEats Food Hall has several trucks permanently parked offering a variety of food options. Each truck will now be offering their own unique brunch offerings from 10am to 2pm before the trucks switch over to their regular menus.

Kaeru Snack Bar is already imagining matcha pancakes, so stay tuned for when we announce their finalized menus!

As for the spritzes, WindsorEats will offer a selection of classic spritzes like Aperol, Campari, Hugo, and a few of our own takes on a spritz. If your table is feeling really adventurous, you can even choose the bottomless spritz package that includes snackypoos, just like in Italy! Pretty appropriate since we’re Windsor’s largest patio and located within the city’s Via Italia.

Spritz Sundays will continue throughout the summer and early autumn.