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The Ultimate Guide For Enjoying The 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival

Here are a few tips to help get the most out of one of the top festivals in the Lake Erie region and the best damn beer fest in the region.


6 Beers Being Launched At The 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival

The great thing about the Windsor Craft Beer Festival is that breweries are always creating something new just for the festivities.


Craft Heads Launching New 7 Beers At 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival

Craft Heads Brewing Company is living up to their slogan, “beer for the adventurous” by releasing 7 new beers at the 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival.


A Look At The Autumn 2019 Menu Items From Billy’s Taphouse

Each and every season, Billy’s Taphouse in Essex, Ontario, rolls out an offering of seasonal dishes. Here’s a look at their Autumn 2019 selections.