Ladies and gents, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare your taste buds, because the Downtown Flight Club is back for one last epic journey!

This isn’t just any pub crawl—it’s the grand finale of an era that started in 2015 when the downtown bar scene was buzzing with camaraderie, creativity, and some of the finest craft beers in Windsor.

The Origin Story: A Tale of Beer, Friendship, and Flights

Once upon a time in the bustling bar hub of Windsor, Josh Olsen—one of the city’s legendary bar owners—had a lightbulb moment. What if Windsor Beer Exchange and Phog teamed up for an event? Toss Craft Heads into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a pub crawl like no other. Geoff from Villains coined the term “Flight Club,” and the Downtown Flight Club was born, complete with a passport/airlines/travel theme. This wasn’t just a pub crawl; it was an adventure.

Fast Forward to Today: The Final Descent

After years of unforgettable events, including a legendary trip to Detroit, the time has come for one last hurrah. With Craft Heads and Phog Lounge moving from downtown, the final flight—aptly named “The Final Descent”—is set to take off on July 27 from 1 PM to 6 PM.

What’s New: Freedom and Flexibility

This year’s event is a bit different. Gone are the curated flights. Instead, you have the freedom to choose your drinks at each location. Here’s the itinerary: you pick your starting venue, guided by an owner or manager, spend 45 minutes at each bar, and move on to the next. Your $20 ticket includes your first drink and a piece of exclusive Downtown Flight Club: Final Descent swag. After that, it’s up to you—pace yourself and savor the experience.

The New Crew Member

With Windsor Beer Exchange no longer around, we’re thrilled to welcome Maiden Lane Wine & Spirits aboard. This new addition ensures the journey remains top-notch. So, grab your boarding pass from your preferred pilot (bar), and get ready to embark on an unforgettable day of craft beer, camaraderie, and nostalgia.

Safety First

Remember, while we’re here to have fun, safety is our top priority. All staff will follow Smart Serve guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys the event responsibly. Pace yourself and enjoy the experience across all five venues.

Boarding Call

Grab your tickets now, gather your crew, and prepare for a flight that promises to be the highlight of your summer. The Downtown Flight Club: The Final Descent is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the downtown Windsor bar scene, its history, and the amazing people who made it all possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your boarding pass, and let’s make this final flight one for the books!

Round Up Of Event Details

**Get Your Tickets**: Grab your boarding passes by purchasing your tickets from the pilot (bar) you want to travel with for the day.

**Date**: July 27, 1 PM – 6 PM

**Price**: $20 (includes first drink and swag)

**Venues**: Craft Heads, Phog Lounge, Maiden Lane Wine & Spirits, and more!

Ready to take off? See you on July 27! 🎉🍻✈️