When Phog Lounge announced they have until the end of 2024 at their current location, they subtly did it in pure Phog style while announcing an all day music festival in downtown Windsor.

As a result of the news about their location, they decided they were finally going to follow through on throwing some really great parties before then. And this one has been in the “hopper” for a long time. So even though it’s potentially grim, updated news about the future of us being downtown…we’re going to make use of the space a

Frogger Fest will be taking place May 25, 2024 at both Phog Lounge and Meteor Lounge, which are directly across the street from each other. That’s exactly how the festival got it’s name as you’ll “Frogger” across the street, back and forth to each venue for the acts you want to see.

Indie music lovers will be giddy about the lineup which includes Goodnight Sunrise (Toronto), Jamaal Cody (Los Angeles), Craig Brown Band (Detroit), and several local acts including Strange Creatures, Ford City Ramblers, IAMGEMENI, and more.

Tickets are $40 per person and give full access to both venues (capacity allowing). That’s the opportunity to see 23 acts for only $40! Not only that, the price of your ticket includes a voucher for a pint of Rose City Beer Works 519 Blonde Ale!

Tickets and full lineup and schedule are available here.