Raise your glass to The Ambassador!
Raise your glass to The Ambassador!

Fresh off his win at Bacardi’s Legacy competition, Tom Scully of F&B Walkerville is working hard to ensure a strong foundation is built here at home for his Ambassador Cocktail all while giving to a good cause.

Tom has launched a “Be The Ambassador” campaign, cocktail project aimed at the food and beverage industry, in order to raise money for charity while featuring local, do-good community ambassadors within our region.

Through social media, an ambassador is featured daily helping to shine a spotlight on their cause.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Do we have a story for you today.  Introducing our latest Ambassador, Tara Cassidy McCallan.  Tara is a local Windsorite, and is the mother of three very beautiful children – Noal, Theo, and Reid (better known as Pip) who “happens to have an extra chromosome” in Tara’s words.  Truthfully, every mother is an Ambassador, but Tara has gone the extra mile here – creating the Happy Soul Project. “The Happy Soul Project started out as a way for me to share my story… It was an open, honest and sometimes funny take on the challenges, triumphs & sweet moments of raising two little hooligans, one who just happens to have Down syndrome. As with anything it has soared into so much more. Happy Soul Project is about striving to be grateful no matter what happens in life. It’s about accepting the life fate gave you, seeing the beauty in the challenges and the hope in the hardships. It’s about finding joy unexpectedly, becoming a kinder person & continuing to always have an open mind. Happy Soul Project is about breaking down stigmas, changing perspectives and celebrating differences. Happy Soul Project is about making y’all smile, bringing you a laugh & sharing my darling little happy souls…” Tara has appeared in a TED talk (working on another), her blog and project have been featured on multiple news stations including.  She’s been awarded multiple times for her efforts, but we are positive that’s not why Tara started to get involved.  Tara doesn’t even just help one project, she raises money through Happy Soul to help all kinds of organizations. Tara’s efforts have even caught the attention of celebrities like Brittany Spears (check the tag #pipmebabyonemoretime ), and hopefully soon Pip will be meeting Ellen!  To help her with her efforts, use the hashtag #OperationEllenMeetPip Let’s raise an #AmbassadorCocktail to Tara, her family, and their efforts – and all the people who share compassion towards those who are different.  Remember #DifferentisBeautiful … http://www.happysoulproject.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HappySoulProject @britneyspears @theellenshow @Bacardi.Legacy @happysoulproject #pipsarmy #downsyndrome #charitycocktail

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The cocktail, The Ambassador, is also being served at other participating bars and restaurants, where each will have portion of proceeds (at least $1) donated towards a charity of their choice from every sale of the Ambassador Cocktail.

Along with F&B Walkerville, downtown Windsor’s The Blind Owl is also serving up the award winning creation.

The “Be The Ambassador” campaign ends January 31st.