Flights of margaritas are now a thing in Windsor, Ontario, and they’re extremely popular.

Be the hero of your own story–or, at the very least, your night out. If you’ve had trouble deciding on which of WindsorEats’ delicious margaritas to get, we’ve now made it easier for you by offering them as a flight of four!

Enjoy a flight of margaritas from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.
Enjoy a flight of margaritas from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.

Plus, what’s more refreshing than four margaritas served in a flight? The answer is nothing.

Available beyond happy hour, these flights will give you the chance to tickle your taste buds with our popular margaritas. WindsorEats has 20+ recipes that are constantly being rotated through the menu and include our classic margarita, jalapeno margarita, our strawberry shortcake margarita (yes, we said strawberry shortcake), and our special Windsor-themed creation Margaret, margaritas Canadian cousin that’s made with Windsor-made Lot 40 whisky instead of tequila.


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Other margaritas that we’ve rotated through have included Elderflower, Pisco, Coconut, Hot Honey, and more.

Each margarita is handcrafted by our experts (no margarita mix here) who know how to bring out the best in every ingredient. From the zingy lime juice to the smooth tequila, every element is balanced perfectly to create a symphony of flavour in your mouth.

If margaritas aren’t really your thing or you’re looking for something sweeter, try our a flight of our boozy lemonades or our mojitos.

WindsorEats is located at 400 Erie St. E. in Windsor, Ontario.