Oh. Em. Gee.

To celebrate the relaunch of our Drinks of Walkerville experience, WindsorEats is offering 25% off tickets to this Saturdays tour.

When purchasing your tickets, simply use the promo code WHISKYTOWN to receive your discount.

Named an Ontario Signature Experience, our Drinks of Walkerville tour celebrates what is unique and exceptional about Canada’s southernmost city, including a tour inside of North America’s largest distillery.

Roaring good times on the Drinks of Walkerville tour in Windsor, Ontario.
Roaring good times on the Drinks of Walkerville tour in Windsor, Ontario.

Enjoy a hands-on tour of the Hiram Walker & Sons distillery, learn the history and brewing process of Walkerville Brewery, then finish off the tour discovering cocktails at F&B.

Highlights of the Drinks of Walkerville tour include:

  • A hands-on tour of the largest distillery in North America – Hiram Walker & Sons – home to J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Whisky.
  • A guided tasting of 4 Canadian whiskies inside the J.P. Wiser’s Brand Centre.
  • A special fifth tasting directly from a whisky barrel.
  • Enter the private members club, The Windsor Club, for a cocktail, a snack and to take in a unique view of the “Whisky Palace”, the original Canadian Club headquarters.
  • Stroll through Hiram Walker’s historic company town, Walkerville, and learn about the history, the architecture and the folklore associated with Whiskytown, Canada.
  • Sip on a flight of 4 craft beers at Walkerville Brewery before grabbing 12oz beer of your choice to tour the brewing facility with.
  • Pull up to the bar at the popular F&B to learn and sample craft cocktails created by their mixologist.