The new Fall Beer & Cider Fest is taking place in Windsor, Ontario, this Saturday, October 14, 2023, and we’ve got a list of all the drinks you’ll be able to enjoy at the festival.

Here’s our ultimate guide for enjoying the 2023 Fall Beer & Cider Festival on October 14 at WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.

Tickets are only $15 in advance online, but there aren’t many left!

The entire festival will be tented with some indoor seating. Also, because we’re hosting at our licensed location, closed beverages can be purchased to take home! So, if you really enjoyed a certain drink at the Fall Beer & Cider Festival, you can head to our bar inside and buy some to enjoy at home on your way out the door, just like at a bottle shop!

So, what will we be serving? Here’s a look at all the beers and ciders that will be available:

The Little Cider Co.


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  • Wright Stuff Cider
    • A light, fresh tasting apple cider that isn’t too sweet and isn’t too dry.
  • Harrow Blue Cider
    • A semi-sweet blueberry apple hard cider with fruity tones and a delicious carbonated taste! Enjoy our best-seller and relax with friends and family.

Wagner Orchards


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  • Apple Cider
    • Perfectly balanced, not too sweet and always holds onto that crispy and delicious apple flavour!
  • Raspberry Cider

Walkerville Brewery

  • Argyle Cider
    • Argyle Apple is made from 100% Canadian cold pressed apples. Fermentation is carried out with champagne yeast resulting in a delicious and refreshing semi-sweet cider.
  • Electric Haze Juicy IPA
    • A smooth drinking Juicy IPA! Hand crafted and unfiltered. it is undeniably hazy and full of fruit and citrus character from dry hopping with Mosaic and El Dorado hops
  • Seasonal – Pumpkin Spice Ale
    • Pumpkin Spiced Ale is a harmonious symphony of autumn flavours. The spices, particularly cinnamon, take the spotlight; striking a balance between toasted, bready malt sweetness and pumpkin spice which is complemented by low bitterness and a crisp, light body. Enjoy this ale as a seasonal treat that embodies the essence of fall.
  • Seasonal – Oktoberfest Kellerbier

Left Field Brewery

  • Sweet Spot Mocha Marshmallow Stout
    • To create this tasty mocha-inspired treat, we developed a sweet stout recipe and added lactose, roasted & crushed cocoa nibs and coffee beans during conditioning. The result is a rich and decadent blend of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Try it topped off with a toasty, sweet and creamy marshmallow!Vegetarian-friendly. Contains lactose.
  • Sno Cone Strawberry Gose
    • Just like the deep red frozen slush you remember, Sno-Cone Strawberry Gose is briskly sour on the first sip and then mellows into tart and juicy ripe strawberries with a dash of salt. A grown-up take on a nostalgic ballpark treat, Sno-Cone Strawberry is foeder-fermented and made with real strawberry purée, hibiscus, coriander and salt, to keep you quenched and refreshed.
  • Mr. Oktober Festbier
    • Named for the Postseason major-league-legend himself, Mr. Oktober Festbier is a smooth and clean, pale German lager with moderate malt flavour and light hop character. Showcasing elegant German malt flavours like bread crusts, honey, graham cracker, and lightly floral Tettnanger hops, with easy spice and citrus notes. Crisp and balanced, Mr. Oktober comes in clutch when celebrating all the joys of postseason baseball and enjoying biergarten hangs.
  • Power Alley Triple IPA
    • We’ve slammed a triple into the Power Alley with this colossal 10% Triple IPA. Citra hops and Citra Incognito (concentrated hop extract) come together to deliver a ripe tropical fruit bomb – think pineapple, passion fruit and mango – with a juicy citrus zing. The high ABV of this triple IPA is well balanced by the bold fruit flavours and a smooth, slightly sweet finish that leaves virtually no perceived hop bitterness. A smash hit!

GL Heritage Brewing Co.

  • Apple Jack’d
    • A smooth ale infused with gently-spiced, fresh-pressed apples and blended with premium apple caramel whiskey from our neighbours at Wolfhead Distillery. Enjoy.
  • Galaxie Milkshake IPA
    • This delightful Milkshake IPA is infused with real roasted coconut and essence of lime, while Galaxy hops and lactose create a citrusy, smooth mouthfeel. We know you’re going to enjoy this one!
  • Backshop Brew Blonde
    • Awarded as Best-in-Class in the Ontario Brewing Awards, this approachable and refreshing blonde ale offers a crisp, clean flavour and easy finish.

The Beerded Dog

  • Leg Lifter IPA
    • This batch is made with fresh hops, locally sourced from Windsor Essex! A West Coast style IPA that doesn’t get too bitter, Leg Lifter is an approachable way to see what all the IPA fuss is about. Made with fragrant Citra, Cascade and Amarillo hops, this beer has just enough bite to match its bark.
  • Colchester Coyote Hazy IPA
    • Polar opposite of the Leg Lifter, this East Coast style IPA is all about aroma, with no bitterness! This is a thick-bodied, juicy-tasting brew is jam packed with aromatic hops that give it a tropical twist. Expect notes of mangoes, pineapples and grapefruit.
  • Careful She Bites Tangerine Pale Ale
    • An American-Style Pale Ale, golden in colour and full of flavour. This one balances out a slightly stronger malt character with some classic North American hop varieties. Throw in a bunch of tangerines and the citrus plays with the bitterness to make an incredibly refreshing beer!
  • Dog Gone Durango Berry Malt Cooler
    • A nostalgic blast from the past for any young-un from the 80’s. Super light and easy-drinking, this one caps at 4% ABV. Fresh flavours of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries make this a great way to say farewell to summer.
  • Dog Days of Summer Wheat
    • A classic wheat beer with lots of body and that characteristic spiciness to keep things traditional. The orange peel plays a critical role in balancing out the coriander and the effervescence of this style.

Lot 10 Brewery


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  • Rivertown Blonde Ale
    • This ale is light, easy to drink, and approachable. Well rounded and smooth. A great ale for lager lovers!
  • Triple Cannon Triple IPA
  • Pinky Pledge Raspberry wheat
    • Unfiltered and hazy, brilliant pink in color. This Wheat Ale is tart with strong raspberry aroma and flavor.
  • Cherry Twister Cherry Vanilla Sour



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  • Cranberry Mead
    • Looking for a refreshing and unique beverage to quench your thirst? Look no further than our Cranberry Session Mead! Made with natural honey and real cranberries, this crisp and flavorful drink is the perfect choice for those who prefer a less sweet beverage. All Canadian Wine Championship 2023 Silver medal winner.
  • Blueberry Mead
    • Whether you’re a seasoned mead drinker or new to the world of mead, Blueberry Session Mead is sure to impress. With its delicious flavor, refreshing taste, and low alcohol content, it’s the perfect choice for a lazy afternoon picnic or a relaxing evening with friends
  • Raspberry Mead
    • A fresh take on the classic beverage, our Raspberry Session Mead is our flagship flavour. All Canadian Wine Championship 2023 Gold medal winner.

Carolinia Cider Co.

  • Goldrush Cider
    • The driest of the 3 ciders but this cider is the only one with traditional cider apples. Most of the flavour of the cider comes from the Goldrush apples with the complexity and length are brought in by the tannins and acid from the cider apples.
  • Pink Cider
    • The hit of the summer. This one is using our red fleshed apple varieties where we extract all of the colour from the apples themselves. Everything about this cider is pink, pink hues, aromas of pink fruits and pink pixie sticks on the palate. This one is slightly sweeter but more intense of flavours
  • Off-Dry Cider
    • This is for the sweet tooth crowd. This one is using all apples we grow primarily for the fresh market but one of their features is that they make great cider due to their tart backbone. This is a blend of varieties Janelle (cidermaker) & Doug (cidermaker’s dad) have been using for the past 12 years for their personal consumption. This one is super apple forward and perfectly crushable.