Brandner Farms, located in Windsor, Ontario.

Our Ultimate Guide For Your Thanksgiving Dinner List In & Around Windsor

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us! Let us help you feed the masses a little easier with these great suggestions to make your shopping list a little easier (and tastier).



Pumpkin Pie from Lakeside Deli & Bakery in Leamington, Ontario.
Pumpkin Pie from Lakeside Deli & Bakery in Leamington, Ontario.

Let’s start off with dessert, because every meal should.

Lakeside Deli & Bakery has so much to choose from. Obviously with Autumn upon us, grab a strudel, cinnamon stick or pumpkin pie (or all three).

Speaking of pies: Riverside Pie Cafe, anyone? While it might be too late to pre-order their Thanksgiving selections, there’s nothing stopping you from popping in and grabbing a slice or four.

Pies not your thing? Sweet Revenge Bake Shop has some ridiculously tasty desserts you can choose from. Are you going to grab the cookie sandwiches? The macarons? The brownies? All of them? Wise choice, my friend.

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, so why not serve up something from Windsor’s oldest family owned bakery? Blak’s Bakery has been serving the region for 100 years, so they’re clearly doing something right. They’re still using the same brick oven from them they first opened so we also recommend picking up a loaf of bread. Heck, even Seinfeld thinks their marble rye is the best he ever had.



Olive oil and vinegar as far as the eye can see

Whether you’re dressing a salad or something else, Dressed by an Olive has high quality olive oils and balsamic vinegar that will take your dish to another level. For the pescatarians in the crowd, they also have Ocean Wise products available, like the salmon we served at our Dinner on a Pier. Deeeeelish!



The focal point of many meals (sorry all you vegetarians and vegans!) is usually the turkey or roast that is placed at the centre of the table.The Butcher of Kingsville and Bradt’s Butcher Block are two locations worth the drive for quality meat.

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. is always a great go-to for…well…sausages! We strongly recommend getting some Apple & Sage sausages to make some stuffing.

If pork is your thing, Wagner Orchards will never disappoint. They raise their own pork and beef, entirely free of hormones and antibiotics. They also have some great hard cider and wines. Speaking of which…




Has there ever been a big dinner with family without feeling the need to knock one back? It helps when our region is full of local breweries, wineries, and, of course, whisky. Give thanks to them by purchasing one of their bottles of cans. It goes a long way!

If you’re needing something earlier in the morning or have relatives staying the night, serve them some 30ml Coffee Co. The man makes magic with those beans.



Brandner Farms, located in Windsor, Ontario.
Brandner Farms, located in Windsor, Ontario.

If you’re in need of some quality, organic produce and products, head to Brandner Farms on Walker Rd. From fruit and veggies to meats to dairy and treats, you should be able to walk away with everything you were looking for an then some. They even offer vegan cheese from The Vegan Gardiners.



Cabbage rolls from Little Foot Foods in Windsor, Ontario.
Cabbage rolls from Little Foot Foods in Windsor, Ontario.

These folks can help you serve up a great meal with minimal effort. Thyme To Go always has ready to serve meals available in their shop, located in Walkerville.

If you’re into cabbage rolls and pierogies, do we even need to remind you about Little Food Foods? If we did, we’re disappointed in you. Their cabbage rolls are always a favourite and there are so many pierogi flavours to choose from. Bacon Cheddar Onion, anyone?


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