The Butcher of Kingsville

It was a tie! Both The Butcher of Kingsville and Jack's Gastropub tied for the best pork dish!

13 Main St. W., Kingsville, Ontario ⋅ 519-712-9573

A full service butcher shop focusing on whole animal butchery, local, responsibly raised meats and handmade foods in the heart of Kingsville, ON.

As more and more people are looking for local, fresh, quality food to feed their families it will now be possible to access it through the Butcher of Kingsville.

The Butcher of Kingsville works with local farmers to make naturally raised meat including beef, pork, chicken, lamb and other specialty meats available. Not only is this promoting a sustainable community which helps to ensure a quality local food culture, but it creates local jobs and also leaves a smaller environmental footprint as these products are not traveling great distances.

2010 and 2011 Local Food Heros ( recipients Izabela & Mark Muzzin make fresh, local food easier than ever to source. The intention is to foster community, support our area farmers that are good stewards of the land, raising and growing our food in a responsible, respectful way to keep doing what they do to ensure a healthy food supply for our future. In addition, we want to celebrate these great resources that we have and define them as the flavours of our region and culture.

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