Anderson Craft Ales has released their beer list for the upcoming 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival in Windsor, Ontario.

The London, Ontario, brewery is making another appearance at the festival and bringing four brews with them down the 401:



A gold medal winner at the 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards, their Cream Ale is brewed in the traditional style to create a golden coloured ale with a clean, refreshing taste and a crisp dry finish.

Cream Ale is a pre-prohibition style originally created as the ale-brewer’s response to American style lagers in order to compete with the growing taste for beers with light, refreshing character.



Only available from September through to November, the Autumn Ale from Anderson Craft Ales is an Oktoberfest-styler beer. It has a smooth maltiness and finishes with German note hops for a clean, crisp finish.



This Saison is a pale, refreshing Belgian ale with fruit, spicy, and hoppy characteristics and a very dry finish. Saison beers are generally easy drinking brews on the lower end with alcohol percentage.



The Anderson Craft Ales Kolsch is a crisp, clean, delicately-balance beer with soft, rounded maltiness and very subtle fruit and hop character