Tom Lucier of Phog Lounge in Windsor, Ontario.

For A Good Time Call: Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge


Tom Lucier is a connector, event promoter, podcaster, teacher, basketball lover and all around passionate and talkative guy. He also owns Phog Lounge, named Canada’s best live music venue.

On this episode we talk to Tom about how the prestige of having that label attached to his business changed things as well as seeing Windsor as a potential mecca for Canadian performers who are looking to take the next step in their musical careers.

Resources Mentioned on this Episode:

Phog Lounge
Great Canadian Poutine Experience


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This podcast highlights happenings in food, drink and tourism related initiatives not only in Windsor but in other cities as well. For A Good Time Call podcast is produced every week.

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Photo credit: Karitas Photography / Border City Living


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