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For a Good Time Call: Steve Green – Downtown Windsor Farmers Market

On this week’s episode of For A Good Time Call, we sat down with Steve Green, manager of the Downtown Windsor Farmers market and urban farmer extraordinaire. We talk to Steve about development of community gardens in Essex County, his work with overseeing and developing the Downtown Windsor Farmers Market and raising urban chickens.


For A Good Time Call: Dr. Don Livermore, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd.

Canadian Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore is a rockstar in the whisky world and a big part of what makes the Windsor, Ontario, region Whiskytown, Canada. We talked to him about everything whisky, including a distillery cheat sheet he created.


For A Good Time Call: Ted Dimoglou, Tiki Sushi

On this episode of For A Good Time Call, we talk to Chef Ted Dimoglou about his participation in Chopped Canada, his love for camping and about a pack of raccoons attacking his sleeping brother.


For A Good Time Call: Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge

We talk to Tom Lucier about what being named Canada’s best live music venue meant to Phog Lounge and how he sees Windsor, Ontario, as a potential mecca for Canadian performers on the rise.