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For A Good Time Call: Dr. Don Livermore, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd.

Canadian Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore is a rockstar in the whisky world and a big part of what makes the Windsor, Ontario, region Whiskytown, Canada. We talked to him about everything whisky, including a distillery cheat sheet he created.


For A Good Time Call: Ted Dimoglou, Tiki Sushi

On this episode of For A Good Time Call, we talk to Chef Ted Dimoglou about his participation in Chopped Canada, his love for camping and about a pack of raccoons attacking his sleeping brother.


For A Good Time Call: Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge

We talk to Tom Lucier about what being named Canada’s best live music venue meant to Phog Lounge and how he sees Windsor, Ontario, as a potential mecca for Canadian performers on the rise.


WindsorEats Is Launching A Podcast About Food, Drink and Tourism

We’ve been asked many, many times. It’s finally happening. Starting Tuesday, April 10, 2018, WindsorEats will host a weekly podcast, For a Good Time Call, that will be all about food, drink and tourism.