7 Great Things You’ll Absolutely Love About WindsorEats’ New Space

WindsorEats recently opened a new space for dining, drinking, and events, and it’s been a huge hit right from the get-go. Here are some of the reasons why we believe you’ll love it based on what we’re hearing from customers.



A classic margarita from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.
A classic margarita from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.

The margaritas are good. Real good. We’re regularly hearing folks say they’re some of the best they’ve ever had. Those are some big words. We like to use a Reposado (aged) tequila and Cointreau to provide a much smoother drink.

Margarita lovers will also be happy to know we’re working on variations of the margarita to offer up, like a jalapeno margarita that has passed the test and made it to our menu. As a result, we’ll soon be offering margarita flights (like a beer flight from a brewery but with margaritas) so you can try them all.

There’s also a special curated beer menu from local breweries as well as beers across the province you can’t get in the LCBO.



WindsorEats has a wide selection of non-alcohol spirits for cocktails.
WindsorEats has a wide selection of non-alcohol spirits for cocktails.

If you don’t drink alcohol but feel left out by ordering a pop or water when everyone else is imbibing, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got special non-alcohol spirits behind the bar that replicate the flavours from favourite liquors. This allows us to create something like an alcohol-free margarita that’s as good as the original.

We also carry an award winning non-alcohol beer in case non-alcohol cocktails aren’t your jam.



How can we discuss WindsorEats opening a space without discussing the food? If you haven’t heard yet, Rico Taco Mexican Street Eats launched a food truck that will be permanently located on our patio serving up a menu that includes their famous birria tacos.

In addition to Rico Taco, an assortment of rotating chefs, restaurants and food trucks will be joining them, providing a mini food hall of sorts with an ever changing selection of tasty eats. We’ve already had Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. and Chef Rob Nesbitt come on site, and we can’t wait to share with you all the others ready to serve you.



We can’t say enough about the awesomeness of the patio. It’s licensed for 425 people and provides enough room for you to walk up to a food truck, place your order, and still have enough space to enjoy yourself and your company without others being overtop of you. It’s a great urban feel that totally contradicts yet compliments the chicness of the indoor space.

Did we mention that it’s pet friendly? We love seeing everyone’s best buds and have bowls of water ready to go as soon as they walk in.




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If it’s not on Instagram did it really happen? We know people love to post pictures of themselves and all the great places they go and the things they do. Our space is designed to help you show off your best duckface and peace sign. From our rainbow wall behind the bar, to our neon signs, we’ve added some spots that are just perfect for the ‘gram.




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This one is a huge shoutout to all our customers and our staff. You’ve created such an incredible vibe and feel in the place that it really makes us super proud and happy. It’s hard to describe it, but, you’ll definitely feel it when you’re there.



Be A: Sausage Maker class hosted by WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.
Be A: Sausage Maker class hosted by WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.

The space was designed in part to help host many of the unique special events and classes WindsorEats envisions. From a weekly Sunday Morning Market that’s about to launch, to our Masters of the Brewniverse craft beer event that takes place June 11, WindsorEats will finally get to roll out many of the scribbles in our idea book that we’ve always wanted to do.

From June 17-18 and 24-25, 2022, WindsorEats will also be playing host to the Mexican Village as part of the Carrousel of the Nations.


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