Enjoy some award winning craft beers at The Grove Brew House in Kingsville, Ontario.

Check Out The Grove’s Beer Lineup For The Windsor Craft Beer Festival

Kingsville brewery, The Grove Brew House, is participating at the 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival and bringing with them a smorgasbord of the beers, including some award winners.


ABV: 4.5% IBU: 18 SRM: 3

This American Lager is light, crisp, clean and traditional. Lagered, filtered, and packed cold to maintain freshness, this beer is a thirst quencher. Light pale yellow with a fine white head and a crisp mild hop finish.

Bronze medal winner at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards.


ABV: 4.7% IBU: 14 SRM: 4

Pale gold in color, this easy-drinking Canadian cream ale has a soft, clean finish. Light body with crisp, clean mouthfeel. Aromatic hops add to the light honey notes of the malt.

Gold medal winner at the 2019 Ontario Brewing Awards.


ABV: 4.7% IBU: 26 SRM: 38

An oat stout that is sweet and full-bodied, pitch black, with a tan head, roasted, earthy notes well balanced with rounded mouthfeel compliments of the oats and 60/40 nitrogen split when carbonating, good year-round stout.


ABV: 6.5% IBU:60 SRM: 10

The Division IPA is a New England style east coast IPA packed with bold hop flavor. Hazy orange in colour with a thick white head. Big, bold hop aroma of tropical fruit and light citrus. Sweet tropical and citrus fruit flavors from the generous amount of hops. Medium body full flavor IPA is packed with hoppy goodness.


IBU’s 18.9 SRM – 11.7 ABV – 4.9%

This Marzen is a smooth, clean, pale German lager with a moderate malty flavor and a light hop character. Moderate malty richness, with an emphasis on toasty-doughy aromatics and an impression of sweetness. Low to medium-low floral, herbal, or spicy hops. Rich gold, light amber colour. Persistent white to off-white foam stand.


ABV: 4.5% IBU: 11 SRM: 4

It’s not just a pumpkin beer. It’s a Gose kettle sour pumpkin beer.


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