Get your cheese curd cravings ready, WindsorEats is about to launch a poutine tour experience through the streets of downtown Windsor.

The Poutine Project  will take guests on a stroll through the streets of downtown Windsor, on what is affectionately known as “The Poot Route”, to explore the flavours and folklore surrounding Canada’s most iconic dish: the poutine!

Hot Lips poutine from Phog Lounge
Hot Lips poutine from Phog Lounge

On the world’s first poutine specific tour (or so Google tells us), you’ll take in an authentic Quebec-style poutine, sit and chat with a Montreal native and take in a true Windsor, multicultural spin on the classic Canadian dish. We are Canada’s fourth most ethnically diverse city, after all.

Along the way, learn about some interesting, long lost tidbits of Canadian history.

Tickets for The Poutine Project are now available for sale with tours starting May 5, 2018 and running every Saturday.