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Phog Lounge Is Taking Orders For Their Much Loved Poutine

Phog Lounge is giving folks another opportunity to order their much loved poutine for takeout this Friday. Click to see how to place your order.


Phog Lounge Will Be Offering A Poutine Pop Up This Week

Phog Lounge is offering up their poutine this week for those of us who have been craving and missing the taste of curds, gravy and fries.


You’ve Got To Be Curding Me! Try These 5 Windsor Poutine With A Twist

Windsor, Ontario has several twists on poutine that will make anybody swoon. It’s why we host a weekly walking tour dedicated to the classic Canadian dish.


4 Poutines To Indulge In On National Poutine Day

April 11 is National Poutine Day, which is pretty much a national holiday here in Canada. Adults are calling in sick to work and kids skipping out of classes, parades are in the street.