As I sit here writing this,  Adriano is in Toronto at the Ontario Tourism Summit celebrating! WindsorEats was selected for the Ontario Culinary Tourism Leadership award by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance!

We are so excited!

The Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance announced the winners for the 2013 Culinary Tourism Leadership Awards at the Ontario Tourism Summit Thursday evening presenting the award to WindsorEats for their efforts and commitment to culinary tourism in the province.

We’ve always believed in the culinary tourism potential of Windsor Essex and have taken the initiative to create events that celebrate agriculture, food and wine. Our efforts to develop culinary tourism products have been rooted in the belief that this region has a rich agricultural history and the potential to grow and develop as a unique and vibrant culinary tourism destination. WindsorEats is a tool we use to help achieve that goal and has been instrumental in developing and nurturing a culinary tourism industry within Essex County, acting as a driving force in putting the focus on local regional cuisine, restaurants, farms and wineries.

We have become known locally and nationally for the innovation and ability to tap into niche markets to create new and exciting products, generating unique culinary experiences throughout Essex County.

Creating events such as Eat Your City and Winter Bites Restaurant Weeks, Drinks of Walkerville Walking tours and the award winning Wine Trail Rides. In October 2013, WindsorEats hosted the region’s first craft beer festival.

These events have put Essex County on the map as a culinary destination and brought provincial and national recognition to the region.

In 2009, the Wine Trail Rides won the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance’s Culinary Tourism Experience Award which highlighted the region, its potential and the Wine Trail Ride’s contribution to culinary tourism.

In 2010, WindsorEats was selected as the Innovator of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. The award recognizes success, leadership and innovation in Canada’s tourism industry, and to reward those people, places, organizations and events that have gone above and beyond to offer a superior tourism experience to travellers in Canada.

We plan on continuing to develop culinary tourism in Windsor Essex.  We live in a great part of the world and are fortunate enough to be able to tell others of how wonderful it is.  And we’re so glad you are a part of it! At the end of the day it’s the enthusiasm and support of those that live within a city that make a city great.  Thank you!