Over the last couple days, Pina and I have had the privilege of showcasing our region to journalists from across the province. In short, here are some of the places and things we did and visited:

In addition to all the fun listed above, the feature showpiece of their visit was our award winning Wine Trail Ride, which are cycling tours to the Lake Erie North Shore wineries in Windsor-Essex.


Thanks to Elaine Weeks, Rosario Montaleone of Foia Restaurant, Rino Bortolin of Rino’s Kitchen, Trevor Loops of Jack’s Gastropub, Eadie Mastronardi and Pamela Cole of Mastronardi Estate Winery, William Rondelez of Black Bear Farms & Estate Winery, Walter Schmoranz of Pelee Island Winery and Mark and Izabella Muzzin of County Connect and The Butcher of Kingsville and Jamie Waldron of The Butcher of Kingsville, Jay Potts of the Art Cart tour and Kris Racine of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island.

Special thank you to Rebecca LeHeup of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance.

We’ll be posting more about this shortly.