Many a wedding has been postponed as a result of the pandemic, however, some folks are finding creative ways to carry on with the celebrations.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The creativity level in flying high as small businesses adapt to continue reaching their fans and it’s front and centre when it comes to weddings.

Here are 5 great ideas that will help spur some creativity when planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic.



First things first.

If you’re going to have a wedding, one of your first acts may be to ask your besties to be a part of the big day. While paying a visit in person is usually the greatest way to express your gratitude for that person being in your life before asking them to be a part of your official wedding day crew, if you’re in a lockdown or just following your government’s COVID protocols, that might not be possible.

This is where sending customized “Be My Bridesmaid” gifts is filling a need.

Businesses have begun offering curated kits that can be delivered directly to your peeps that helps surprise them with the ask. One example is the Bevy Box and the Bridesmaid Proposal Box. The basic offering includes a beautifully designed bottle of Pelee Island Winery sparkling wine, chocolate dipped Oreos, a customized stainless steel wine tumbler, and the cutest Minimergency kit, which is a glitter pouch filled with essentials for the big day like lip balm, a mending kit, double-sided tape, earring backings, and more.

These boxes can be shipped across Ontario.



Gathering for a bachelorette party night on the town may or may not be possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some drinkies and a good time.

Events taking place outdoors have the least restrictions and people are taking advantage of it. Excursions like tours are being booked by bridal parties looking for a fun, safe way to have some fun and some much needed stress release.

One of the activities that has seen a huge uptick during the pandemic is cycling, and almost nothing matches perfectly with getting on your bike for a ride than visiting wineries.

Excursions like the Wine Trail Ride just outside Windsor, Ontario, has won numerous awards locally, provincially and nationally and is a great  way to visit wineries with your bridal party and eliminate a lot of the stress. It handles all of the logistics of visiting several Essex Pelee Island Coast wineries, you get to enjoy the beautiful countryside with the wind flowing through your hair, and you’re fed a progressive feast along the way.



Still worried or restricted from moving about in public but still want to do something together with your wedding party? Try a virtual experience.

The great thing about going virtual is that you can include weddings guests from anywhere in the world that may not otherwise be able to travel for your wedding party’s celebration.

Cocktail classes seem to be hitting the mark for many as a way to learn techniques and recipes in a fun way while they entertain themselves in a lockdown, self-imposed or otherwise.

If you’re looking to include all ages, or there’s several people in your party who do not drink alcoholic beverages, a pizza making class with an expert would make an excellent selection.



The WindsorEats Traveller is an attraction all on its own....and it's a full service bar, to boot!
The WindsorEats Traveller is an attraction all on its own….and it’s a full service bar, to boot!

OK, let’s get to the actual wedding, now.

Outdoor weddings will pretty much continue to be all the rage for a special day planned during a pandemic. While the sizes will still likely be restricted, maximum capacity for the celebration will be larger than indoors.

Going outdoors doesn’t mean having to abandon great beverage service, though.

Services like The Traveller, a full service mobile bar, can be booked to roll up on site and handle every aspect of beverages for you. A selection of beers, wines and cocktails will curated to meet your preferences and served by bar staff throughout the night.

For those looking to just have someone take all that stress off their shoulders and not have to worry about bar service, it’s a definite must.



Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. Photo by the Wine Country Ontario.
Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. Photo by the Wine Country Ontario.

In a brilliant twist for those who are adamant on getting married but want to ensure everyone is safe, the drive-thru wedding was born. It’s absolutely innovative and we love it!

A perfect example is how Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, located in Amherstburg, Ontario, is fully utilizing their sprawling beachfront winery.

The bride, groom and officiant will have the option of sharing a balcony, or a grassy area to recite their vows. An audio visual tech will be on-site using an FM transmitting device so that all guests can listen in on the radio in their vehicles. With social distancing of 6ft between vehicles, the winery can accommodate approximately 20 vehicles.

A parking “usher” guides guests to their designated parking spot and even hands out small custom wine bottle as a wedding favour. There are even several add-ons to kick it up a notch.

How cool is that?!