Will run for wine.

One of, if not the, most exclusive half marathons in Canada is the dream of every wine drinking runner. Taking place on a remote island (1.5 hours by ferry to land) in the middle of Lake Erie, it takes place on a remote Lake Erie Island, and ends with a celebration at a winery.

Runners from the Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon on Pelee Island, Ontario.
Runners from the Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon on Pelee Island, Ontario.

Limited to approximately 400 participants, the Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon beckons runners with a thirst for wine to Pelee Island, which is located off the coast of Leamington, Ontario, and Canada’s southernmost inhabited land. The course is measured and certified for those who are more competitive, but we feel it’s the rural island charm and celebrations that really make the half marathon what it is.

Many people bring their families, friends and partners along with them, even if they aren’t running, to enjoy the many dinners and parties that pop up and take place around the island during the run weekend. There’s even an extravagant luncheon at Pelee Island Winery on the island that you can indulge in.

Even more fun, runners receive a medal and shirt that includes the artwork of one of the labels of Pelee Island Winery’s bottles of wine as a keepsake. And wait for this: runners also receive a wine once they cross the finish line!

The run and wine aren’t the only thing that’s impressive. So are the lengths that people are willing to travel to take part in this half marathon.

Runners flock to the island from Alaska to Florida, Seattle to Nova Scotia, and even some from overseas. In fact, the Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon explodes the population of the island for the weekend from it’s usual 250 residents.

So what do you think? Are you ready to skip your way across an island and finish by sipping to your hearts delight at the largest private estate winery in Canada?