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Carrots N’ Dates To Introduce A Full Dinner Service

People were always asking and now it’s happening. One of Windsor, Ontario’s, favourite plant-based restaurants is getting ready to expand their offerings.


Thyme Kitchen Is Hosting A Vegan Night Buffet With A Singapore Spin

Take yourself on a tour of the flavours of Singapore as Thyme Kitchen serves up one of their delicious Vegan Night buffets.


3 Vegan Dishes You’ll Absolutely Love at Road Chef

Since Road Chef has opened the doors on their brick and mortar location, chef Nick Finlay has been pumping out some great vegan dishes. Here are 3 we think you’ll love.


These Are Some of The Best Vegan Burgers We've Ever Had…

A vegan walks into a sausage shop and says to the owner, “Give me the best burger you’ve got.” Thanks to Atmosphere Fine Foods, this isn’t as far fetched as you think.