We always like to walk to the beat of our own drum.

For the last 17 years, WindsorEats has always operated remotely, planning all our events, tours and festivals from a home office. Now, as the entire world starts a massive shift to remote work, WindsorEats has signed a lease for a brick and mortar location. We have a home!


Our new home is locate at 400 Erie Street East in Windsor, Ontario, on the western edge of the Via Italia district. To say we’re excited is an understatement as our new space provides us with limitless potential for what we can do.


What are our plans?

First, the space will allow us to expand and run more regular in-person culinary classes that are part of our Be A Maker series. Whether it’s Be A: Sausage Maker, Be A: Mixologist, or brand new Be A Maker experiences, we now have a permanent location to run them all out of.

In addition to those classes, we’ll be able to have an official starting location for so many of our tours, like our Friday Night Lights, Windsor Graffiti Scooter Tour, or our D-Tour. Now our guests will be able to arrive before their tours begin and enjoy a craft beer or whisky cocktail. There’s even the possibility of retail supporting local foodpreneurs, including a bottle shop selling beer and wine to go.

Next, we also plan on making the place all nice and pretty so that you’ll want to rent it out for your own events and special moments. Keeping the space flexible will allow us to be adaptable to whatever is thrown our way…we’re looking at you, COVID ?

Pop up dinners are also in the future as the space will be available for guest chefs to come in and get creative.

All this and we haven’t even touched on what we believe is the best part.



Size matters. Our new outdoor space is HUGE!
Size matters. Our new outdoor space is HUGE!

As part of our new digs, we have a giant 5500 square foot outdoor space that will allow us to offer a ginormous beer garden as well as create and host so many more fun and unique mini boutique festivals and events like our Street Food Festival, Masters of the Brewniverse and more. It even provides enough room for multiple food trucks to come in and operate all at once.

It’s anticipated that the outdoor portion of the space will be able to accommodate over 450 people at once. And since we’re in the process of licensing the entire lot, that means if we do something like host a Sunday morning farmer’s market, guests can get their local fruit, veggies and meat and also pick up some bottles of wine and beer to go, too!

We have lots of plans for our new home and are excited to bring you all along for the journey, that’s why we’ll be trying to share our progress on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow us.