D-Tour: Detroit Pub Crawl

Heading into one of the great Detroit dive bars on our D-Tour.

400 Erie Street East, Windsor, Ontario ⋅ 519-982-5212


What do great bars, a school bus packed full of fun and the city of Detroit all have in common? Well, they’re all part of WindsorEats’ D-Tour!

The D-Tour marks a WindsorEats bus tour to venture to Detroit. Hakuna Matata all night long as you travel magic school bus style to some of Detroit’s hidden and not-so-hidden gems. There will be three stops along the way for our guests to imbibe. Did we mention there’s also karaoke on the bus to keep you entertained?

The WindsorEats D-Tour, (get it? detour?) will allow easy access for you to visit some iconic local hangouts in Detroit without the need to drive, allowing you time to focus on a good time.

Tickets to the WindsorEats D-Tour quickly!  The tours run from November to April and start at 6:30pm, bringing you back to Windsor at approximately 11pm.

Guests must be 21 and over to attend and have a valid passport. The D-Tour does not include beverages or food in the ticket price. We recommend bringing cash in US currency.


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