What’s the saying? “April showers bring crazy cool pierogi flavours”?

Little Foot Foods has been in the kitchen working hard to expand their collaboration pierogi series and they’re making them all available in limited quantities this month.

In addition to fan favourite collaboration pierogies with local businesses like Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Company, Phog Lounge, Atmosphere Fine Foods, and others, Little Foot Foods has now launched 7 new pierogi flavours:

  • Aldoo’s V Creamy Lentil Pot Pie Pierogi
  • Aldoo’s Chicken Pot Pie Pierogi
  • Black Magic V Curry Jackfruit Pierogi
  • Black Magic’s Jerk Pork Pierogi
  • Smashed Apple’s Flaming Cheese Pierogi
  • The Vegan Gardiners Tomato & Basil Cheese Pierogi
  • Toasty’s Stuffed Shroom Pierogi

All of them are now available in limited quantities at $10 per bag or 4 bags for $35.