The Grove Hotel in Kingsville, Ontario, announced today that they have decided to follow a growing list of hotels worldwide that are offering accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, The Grove Hotel has taken it a step further and will be offering safe and clean accommodations to the local essential healthcare workers, during this crisis, for free.

Anyone who knows it’s owner, the Flynn Family, knows how much they love their family and friends and the town they live in. The Flynn’s first came to the community with the opening of Southgate Retirement Residence in 1986, and later they were involved in the addition of Royal Oak Long Term Care facility on Division Road. The Flynn’s have a long-standing appreciation for the healthcare community and especially it’s workers.

“These uncertain times that we are facing together, if anything, has given us time to reflect on what is really important and what really matters. We know that it’s the members of our community, those whom we have made a connection, and its our health, happiness and the ability to see through tough times together and come out the other end – wholeheartedly, what we call Kingsville Strong”, said James Flynn.

“We feel Canadians, as a whole, are doing a good job of social distancing, but realize there are many heroes who work in healthcare who selflessly continue to go to work, only to have to worry about their own health and that of their families after a long and undoubtedly physically and mentally draining shift. That’s where we think we can offer some help and peace of mind”, said Flynn. “We love and respect the work done by the heroes in our healthcare system and if we can be a small part of helping all of us get through this, we would be honoured and humbled.”

If you are a local healthcare worker and need a safe place to stay to help protect yourself and your family and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Flynn at The Grove Hotel at or 519-919-4725.


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