In its essence, the Master Chef Sausage Series is a partnership between Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. and WindsorEats that will attempt to elevate the craft of sausage making while shining a spotlight on the culinary artistry of Southern Ontario’s most talented and imaginative gastronomists.

The recipes for these links will come from a place of culture, personal history, daring creativity and originality. More importantly however, these collaborations are meant to highlight the epicurean talent that’s been hiding in the backs of hot, hectic kitchens where too many have sacrificed long days and so much more for the love of their craft.

Each chef has worked with Robbie on a unique sausage with flavours that represent their skills and passion. Each creation will only be available a for a month inside Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. shop.


Chef: Johnny Oran
Restaurant: Licia Ruby
Sausage: The Mojo


Description of your sausage?

Our collaboration sausage is mojo based. Mojo is a vibrant sauce made the juice and zest of oranges, citrus, garlic, chili, cumin and many other spices. I am a big fan of bright flavors and mojo was once of those sauces that stuck with me from the time I learned it right after culinary school.


Where do you currently ply your trade?

Owner/Chef of Licia Ruby. A small batch chocolate business, specializing in one product: A premium caramelized white chocolate bar.


Personal culinary highlights/awards?

  • Chocolate Lover’s Brunch
    • Award for judge’s choice for best plated chocolate dessert in 2017
    • Award for people’s choice for best plated chocolate dessert in 2016
  • Battle of the Hors D’oeuvres
  • Won for judge’s choice in 2015
  • Won for judge’s choice & people’s choice 2014
  • Roasted white chocolate bars featured in Chatelaine magazine.


Who is your biggest culinary influence?

While working as the pastry chef at Splendido Restaurant in Toronto I got to work with an upcoming chef named Patrick Kriss, now Chef/Owner of Alo Restaurant in Toronto. He was the executive chef at the time but not really well know. He was the most creative, hard working and humbled chef I have met. Patrick was a master at modern cuisine. But there was always plenty on a dish with a balance of texture, aromas and taste such as salty, sour, bitter. To This day when I create a dish or a menu I think of what I learned from him about balance and technique and try to apply it.


What influenced you in making the flavours of this sausage?

Robbie is always looking for big flavors in these collaborations. Being a big fan of mojo sauce made the decision an easy starting point. Once we had the base down, we started taste testing. Both Robbie and I after every test would think of another way to bring the sausage up a level, to where we finally both loved it. Also wanted to use flavors that would work well with The Dinner on a Pier this upcoming summer, as this sausage will play into a dish.


What is your favourite spice in your pantry at home?

Favorite spice by far is the kimchi furikake rice seasoning. I try not to have it in the house too often as I can consume a bottle in a couple days.


A recipe that pairs with/uses your sausage? 

I’m offering up a recipe for guacamole and pickled red onions that work perfectly with the Mojo sausage.