30 Days of Local Wine
30 Days of Local Wine

Our 30 Days of Local Wine campaign takes place throughout the entire month of December. Each day we’ll be featuring a different local wine from several of the Essex Pelee Island Coast wineries along with recipes for food, cocktails (yes, wine cocktails), desserts, party tips and more. Click here for the complete list of 30 wines.

Also, we want to see how you enjoy your local wine. We encourage you to use the #30DLW hashtag on Instagram to win prizes like a day for 2 on a tandem bicycle on our award winning Wine Trail Ride Cycling Tours. Click here for more details on the 30 Days of Local Wine Contest.

Mulled wine warms your heart.
Mulled wine warms your heart.

Doesn’t the name just make you want to throw on your flannel onesie, curl up on the couch beside a crackling fireplace and watch your favourite Christmas movie with a glass of Warm N Cozy?

This very special wine being offered by Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery in the LCBO is a must try this holiday season, not only because of the delicious holiday emulating flavours, but also because it’s a new adaptation to a European tradition known as mulled wine. Mulled wine is the process of simmering wine with fruit and spices to create a warm and delicious drink. This wine is served warm, which is perfect for those chilly December months. As you warm your wine, the aromas of sweet berry will mingle with orange, cinnamon, and clove, to create the perfect holiday drink. After you try a glass of Warm N Cozy, it might just become a new holiday tradition.

A couple weeks ago we took the WindsorEats Traveller up the 401 to the Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Show to give those Torontonians a taste of Windsor and Essex County. We brought with us a a few kegs of craft beer from Brew and wines from the local wineries.  There was one wine in particular that had people asking for it before they even knew what it was.

We had a pot of Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery Warm N Cozy simmering on low heat and the smell of cinnamon, spices and berries wafting through the aisle way had people coming up to the Traveller asking for a taste.

Warm & Cozy
A warm cup of Warm & Cozy

Mulled wine is my jam. I love the idea of sitting by a fire, indoors or outdoors, and sipping on a cup of warmed red wine. I was first introduced to it after a winter trip to Germany many years ago. “Gluhwein” was popular at the outdoor Christmas markets and perfect for keeping you warm while shopping.

This is the perfect drink for a cold winter night and it’s very easy to make. Ready for the recipe? Here we go.

  1. Empty a bottle of Warm & Cozy into a pot.
  2. Simmer on low heat until warm.

Ya, it’s that easy. No rummaging through your spice rack for for cloves, cinnamon sticks or spices. Sprucewood Shores has made it easy for me. I added a few slices of orange to mine but you can certainly drink it as is.

*Tip: If you’re the sneaky type, you can definitely throw some cinnamon sticks in pot, hide the bottle and tell your guests its a secret family recipe that you slaved over all day. We won’t tell anyone.*