Everybody loves a good burger!

There are so many hamburgers offered on menus throughout the city, WindsorEats thought we’d help you decide which ones to try by pinpointing some of regions favourites. Here is a list we’ve compiled a list of 9 popular burgers in Windsor-Essex:

Old School: Mamo Burger Bar

Old School burger from Mamo Burger Bar

Mamo Burger Bar hasn’t been around long, but they’re already making a name for themselves in Windsor with  burgers like their Daddy Mac (Mac n Cheese with pulled pork on beef patties). However, sometimes simplicity reigns supreme. For those who like their burgers traditional, Mamo’s Old School burger is a good, ol’ fashioned cheeseburger that is done to perfection.

The Weekly Feature: Jack’s Gastropub

Vineland Burger

One of the great things about Jack’s Gastropub is that they set their kitchen staff’s creativity free by releasing a new ‘Feature Burger’ every week. Recent features have included The Vineland Burger (pictured above) that included a pork burger topped with smoked peameal bacon, granny smith apple, brie cheese and a blackberry and red wine jam on rosemary focaccia.

Fat Schmoe: Joe Schmoe’s Eats N Drinks

Fat Schmoe burger from Joe Schmoe's

This burger is for the individual who can’t decide what they want, so chooses to go with everything. Previously written about in our Must Try Unique Eats article, the Fat Schmoe from Joe Schmoe’s Eats N Drinks includes two patties, bacon, ham, pulled pork, peameal bacon, onion rings, cheddar, tomato, pickle, lettuce, a grilled cheese sandwich and Texas Jack BBQ sauce. This monster is so big, if you finish it you’ll have your picture on the Joe Schmoe’s wall of fame.

The Honey Bager: Honey Badger Bistro

The Honey Badger from Honey Badger Bistro

Another new restaurant, Honey Badger Bistro is quickly gaining fans with their back-to-basics approach on fresh, house-made food. This hand packed burger is piled with pulled pork, bacon made in-house, steakhouse onion ring and smokey bacon mayo.

I couldn’t believe the juices that flowed from this burger. Definitely one of my favourites.

Beer Battered Burger: Meadows by the Lake

Beer Battered Burger from Meadows by the Lake

What goes well with a burger? Beer, of course! Meadows by the Lake allows you to order both in one shot. The Beer Battered burger is exactly what its name implies: an 8 oz. beer battered burger, deep fried to crispy perfection! This burger is served with lettuce, tomato and onion and topped with Meadows’ own signature sauce. Tip: You might not want the bun.

Deux Chevaux: Motor Burger

Deux Chevaux from Motor Burger

This bad boy oozes goodness. Named as one of the best burgers in Canada by Reader’s Digest magazine, the Deux Chevaux is one of Motor Burger‘s most popular items and another from our Must Try Unique Eats article. Grilled beef, sharp Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese, baby spinach, smoked bacon balsamic caramelized onions. It’s like an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Captain Beefheart’s Royale with Cheese: The Willistead

Beef Heart Burger from The Willistead in Old Walkerville

Don’t let the fact that this burger is mini fool you. It’s small, but its flavours are huge! Made with a 4 oz. beef heart patty, the burger also includes The Willistead‘s secret sauce and a sesame seed bun. Customers have been known to easily pop a few back at a time.

Grilled Mac N’ Cheese Burger: Bull N Barrel

Grilled Mac N' Cheese Burger from Bull N Barrel

Can you say OMG!?!? How can you go wrong with mac n’ cheese? This burger from Bull N Barrel features an 8 oz. patty between not one, but two grilled sandwiches loaded with mac n’ cheese.

Have you tried any of these burgers? Have we left your favourite off the list? Share with friends and discuss your favourites in the comments below!