30 Days of Local Wine

Erie Shore Vineyard winemaker Harvey Hollingshead aged this VQA 2007 Vintage Zweigelt in French Oak for 18 months, then stainless steel. This Austrian bred grape produces a medium bodied wine with good acidity, soft tannins and a distinctive red color and black pepper, spice and currant flavours.

The sugar code for this wine is (0) and it is best served at 10° Celsius. It is a best matched with grilled, white & roast meats, pork and pizza.

Gary Killops of the Essex Wine Review had this to say about the wine: “Dark ruby red in the glass. Loaded with aromas of blackberry, black cherry, spice and pepper. Medium body, lively acidity and soft tannins share the stage in balance. Flavours noted on the palate include black currants, black cherry, raspberry, black pepper, and spice, with an earthy finish.”

He believes this Zweigelt is also a great match with spicy Italian sausage and tomato based dishes.