Apple Cinnamon French Toast from Jack's Gastropub

You heard right, bucko!

Following the success of the free Mother’s Day breakfast, Jack’s Gastropub is offering a free breakfast to all the fathers who have their children along that have also purchased breakfast. Visit Jack’s on Sunday June 19, 2011 between 9:00am and 3:00pm to enjoy any of the delicious choices from their breakfast menu and dad’s breakfast is free.

Reservations are strongly recommended.

Directly from Jack’s, here are some their answers to a few of the questions their crew have gotten because sometimes free seems too good to be true:

  1. What’s the scoop? Does dad really eat free? Dad eats free with the purchase of a second breakfast purchased by one or more of his children. Simple. There’s no catch.
  2. My kids are away at school, can I still eat free? Sorry, your kids need to be in and enjoying breakfast with you. You’re welcome to borrow your neighbours children. If you come early enough, you could probably have them back before they even know they are gone. Just saying…
  3. Can both my father and his father (grandfather) eat free? Yes. Here’s an example…If I bring my dad, and he brings “great granddad”, and we also wheel in Great Great Great Granddad then they can all eat free provided little Billy, Sally, Jesse and Joey come for breakfast too. Get it?