Perth County Regional Food Summit 2010

This past weekend, Pina and I headed on over to Stratford for the 2nd Annual Perth County Regional Food Summit. Since our sister Rose is in town from Ireland, we also decided to take her and Jillian along for the ride. Heck, the more people to spread the word of Windsor at this place, the better, right?

We were able to catch up with some culinary friends such as Rebecca LeHeup of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Suresh Doss of Spotlight Toronto. We also made some new friends, including Melissa Schenk of MS2 (and A-News fame for reporting the weather). She happened to sit down right next to my at the table and was an absolute pleasure to meet.

We were able to partake in Farmer/Chef Speed Dating, a heated discussion about the very serious issues being thrust upon local abattoirs by the government and a social media session that helped reassure Pina and I that we are definitely on the right track and possibly even, dare I say, ahead of the game.

Pina and I are constantly attending summits and conferences like these to see what other regions are doing right and to bring it back to Windsor. Let me tell you, Stratford/Perth County has got a lot of great stuff going on! Yet, I still believe that we have the potential here in Essex County to surpass even what they have done and Pina and I are very proud and excited to help push our culinary scene into stardom!

We made some great contacts at this summit and have some great things planned as a result…quite possibly even for this year!