First, I would like to say I know this post is very late, however, with all the computer problems I’ve had (again) in the last week it’s better late than never. For Valentine’s Day, Jillian and I finally made it out to a restaurant we have been meaning to try for so long, but, just haven’t actually made it out to yet: House of India.

We started off by ordering some Vegetable Samosas and Onion Bhajia, split between the both of us. Both of them were excellent, but, if I had to choose between them I’d go with the Bhajia. I really like onions…a lot!

For our main dishes, we chose Butter Chicken as well as the Mixed Grill Tandoori Platter which consist of Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka and Sheikh Kebob in a bed of onions. What was initially supposed to be Jillian and I sharing both the dishes quickly turned into me fighting for any part of the Butter Chicken I could get. This was Jillian’s first experience with Indian food and she absolutely loved that dish. Luckily I was able to scoop some up with the Naan we ordered. Both dishes were absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the Sheikh Kebob, but, I understood Jillian’s reluctance to give up the Butter Chicken after tasting it. I’m already needing to go back for another order of it.

We were both pretty full and unable to put anymore food into us when our waiter, who had been excellent, kind and attentive all night, came to our table with a treat for Jill and I to share. Now I can’t recall the names of them so, for a better lack of term, they were these white balls which the waiter told us were made from milk. If you stop by House of India for dinner, I would highly recommend asking about this dessert. It had an interesting texture and a sweetness to it, but, not an overpowering sweet that a lot of restaurant desserts tend to have. This one was actually quite light as well.

It was a fantastic dinner and Jillian is already pressuring for us to go back…she wants more Butter Chicken.