The Pour House Pub
The Pour House Pub

The Pour House Pub in Downtown Windsor has been added to WindsorEats!

Located in the former space of Ye Olde Steakhouse, The Pour House looks to bring sophistication to pub food. Early reviews of the restaurant have been great. Here is one email we received:

“The restaurant side has some very cozy booths and tables in the centre along with a barrel and large tap that “pours” water into the barrel; a very nice touch. The owner has told they might add more plasma tv’s in this area but just not yet.

Now on to the food. The food is outstanding even for a second day of being open. I had a nice homemade chili with an old style French baguette and a nice twist of an orange slice. The chili was not too spicy with a tasty fresh tomato base. Serving size was not too large in fact it was perfect to go along with my delicious rye and ginger ale served by the very friendly head bartender Jason. We talked a lot about music (very nice addition of good quality 60’s rock mixed with some newer sounds) sports (football was on) and everything in between.

Though being somewhat busy, Jason never missed a beat as I was never really without a drink. In fact, my friend and I ordered a few pitchers of Harp on tap which is held by a glass pitcher, not the typical plastic pitchers seen everywhere. They have a lot of great beers on tap that are not found in other bars in the city. They are even going to expand their wine selection and scotch selection, so look out scotch drinkers, this could become your new hang-out! Jason even poured many of our glasses from the pitcher itself; Now that is service!”