The other night, something came up that made Jill and I bail on the Windsor Symphony Orchestra performance. However, there was still some time left for us to go out for a quick dinner. Since we hadn’t made it to Downtown Windsor, we figured we would head to one of our regular spots, Mi Mi Gardens on Tecumseh Road East.

To begin, we ordered the Chicken BBQ Rolls, which our waitress was kind enough to bring us two plates and two rolls on each. The rolls come with a great peanut sauce for dipping with some shredded carrots overtop. I absolutely love this sauce. I am not ashamed to admit that I actually considered drinking what was left. Ok, maybe I’m a little ashamed, but still, it’s good!

Mi Mi Gardens gave us a wonderful gift during Jill and I's visit
Mi Mi Gardens gave us a wonderful gift during Jill and I's visit

For our entrees, Jillian ordered BBQ Chicken on Rice Noodles while I went with Sliced Beef and Vegetables on Rice with Black Bean Sauce. I order this dish fairly often and I must admit I am never disappointed with what owner David Lam has to offer.

With the portions being plentiful, Jill and I were unable to finish our meals, a rarity for me. We had asked for everything to be packed up to bring home when our waitress gave us a nice surprise. She handed us a nice little wooden and cane wallscroll calendar with the Mi Mi menu also on it.

It was a very nice gift that I will certainly be hanging on to. As for the leftovers, they didn’t make it past breakfast.