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5 Items on Rockhead Pub's New Menu You Gotta Try

It was to be another quiet night at home. Dinner was on the stove, yada yada yada, I was devouring every item on Rockhead Pub‘s new menu. Owner, Dave Krndija, a huuuuuuge Seinfeld fan, has revamped their menu for the first time in 9 years and, to our enjoyment, has a decidedly “Seinfeld” touch to it from the…


Must Try Pizza Places in Windsor-Essex

There’s something special about Windsor pizza. If you’ve had it and tried pizza from other regions, you know it. You don’t quite know what it is that makes it special, but oh boy is it ever. Here is a list of some places to get some great pizza in Windsor-Essex. Armando’s If you live in…


Newest WindsorEats Member, Rockhead Pub, Introduces Pizza Cones To Menu

WindsorEats’ newest member, Rockhead Pub, has introduced a unique twist to a classic on their menu: pizza cones. Tonight, owner Dave Krndija hosted a launch party to formally introduce the pizza cones onto his new menu. I had the opportunity to sample two of the cones: the Pulled Pork cone and the Bocconcini cone. Other…