Must Try Pizza Places in Windsor-Essex

There’s something special about Windsor pizza. If you’ve had it and tried pizza from other regions, you know it. You don’t quite know what it is that makes it special, but oh boy is it ever.

Here is a list of some places to get some great pizza in Windsor-Essex.

Armando's pizza (photo from the Armando's Facebook page)


If you live in Windsor-Essex and haven’t heard of Armando’s, you must have been hiding under a rock for many, many years.

Made in the traditional Windsor pizza way, Armando’s has multiple locations that offer delivery and pickup throughout the region.

Armando’s recently placed 3rd at the 2014 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Tip: Not only do they offer traditional Windsor pizza, they recently added deep dish Chicago-style pizza to their repertoire.

Sam's Pizzeria & Cantina

Sam’s Pizzeria & Cantina

When you’ve been around since 1946, you must be doing something right.

Sam’s, located in West Windsor in the University District, makes some great traditional pizza as well as thin crust. They also offer special toppings such as asparagus, salmon, escargot, shrimp, calamari and scallops.

Tip: If panzerotti’s are more your thing, they’ve got you covered, too! Every Tuesday is Panzo Tuesday where you can order their panzerotti including 3 topping and cheese for only $9.19.


Located in the member’s bar of the Caboto Club, many people call Oropomodoro‘s pizza the best in the city. While everyone has their go-to spot, you can’t argue the flavours you’ll experience. You can get your traditional pepperoni and cheese, you’ll find a wide variety of toppings and pre-designed pizzas here with a very Italian approach like their Abruzzese which has zucchini, thin potato slices and rosemary.

Tip: Saturday nights are All-You-Can-Eat. You don’t even have to choose which pizzas as they’ll keep bringing out a variety of them until you say stop.

Arcata Pizzeria

Arcata Pizza

Arcata Pizzeria is another institution when it comes to Windsor pizza. Around since what feels like the beginning of time, Arcata  makes their pizza dough fresh daily.

Tip: One of the things customers love about Arcata? It’s their pizza sauce, of course. It’s a secret in house blend of spices that the owners guard very closely.

La Zingara Trattoria

La Zingara

With no delivery offered, the only way to get La Zingara pizza is to dine in their beautifully designed restaurant.

Tip: Made in a woodfired brick oven, the Amore is always a good choice with garlic, parsley and sundried tomatoes.

Rockhead Pub

Pulled pork pizza cone from Rockhead Pub

Want pizza but don’t think you can finish a whole pie? Rockhead Pub serves up a twist on the classic pizza with their pizza cones.

Tip: They even serve dessert pizza cones!

Terra Cotta Gourmet Pizzeria

Terra Cotta Gourmet Pizzeria (Photo from the Terra Cotta Gourmet Pizzeria Facebook page)

Terra Cotta, a tiny little pizza place in Downtown Windsor, is known for their thin crust pizzas made in a traditional wood fired brick oven.

Tip: Plan early if you plan on heading there for Tuesdays as they offer a popular are 2 for 1 pizza special.

 Have you tried any of these places? What did you think? Leave us a comment below or a review of the restaurant on their WindsorEats page!


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