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Love Birria Tacos? Birria Chimichangas Might Be Even Better

Windsor was introduced to birria tacos through Rico Taco. Now the taco truck is raising their birria game to a whole new level.


These Boozy Lemonades Are A Must Try On WindsorEats’ Patio

Lemonade stands are always a great sign of summer. But, sometimes us adults need to have it kicked up a notch while recharging on a patio. 


5 New Sensational Cocktails On The WindsorEats Menu You Need To Try

Much like their ever changing beer menu, WindsorEats has been having fun with their cocktails, introducing 5 new ones you’re going to love.


7 Great Things You’ll Absolutely Love About WindsorEats’ New Space

Here are some of the reasons why we believe you’ll love WindsorEats’ new space, just based on what we’re hearing from customers.