Lemonade stands are always a great sign of summer. But, sometimes us adults need to have it kicked up a notch while recharging on a patio.

In addition to our margaritas and mojitos, WindsorEats has been quietly expanding our adult lemonade options and they’ve been a hit. We make all our simple syrups fresh in-house and are constantly testing out new ones.


Here are three that we think you’re absolutely going to love.


The original boozy lemonade on the cocktail menu, once people see this blue concoction making its way out it’s almost always immediately followed by many more orders.

We use Wolfhead Distillery’s River’s End gin as the base while squeezing in fresh lemon and adding some Blue Curacao which gives the colour before topping it off with lemonade.



This one was a happy accident. While making our simple syrups, we accidentally combined two recipes: pineapple simple syrup and mint lime simple syrup. The result was an absolutely delicious pineapple mint simple syrup that plays a big part in this sweet, adult lemonade.

Havana Club Anejo Reserva is used as the base before we add our pineapple mint simple syrup, lime juice, fresh squeezed lemon, and lemonade to top it off.



What may very well be the best of the lemonades so far. We use Labbe Francois Cassis Cherry as the base while adding even more cherry flavour with our tart cherry simple syrup. We then throw in some fresh squeezed lemon and top it off with lemonade.