With more people shifting to an alcohol-free lifestyle, WindsorEats’ alcohol-free cocktails have been a hit with Windsorites looking to enjoy a dry night out.

According to NielsenIQ, sales of non-alcoholic beverages spiked 33%, to $331US million in the United States in the fall of 2021.

WindsorEats has always been a hospitality and tourism leader, having won numerous provincial and national awards for our work, and we decided to take on offering spirit substitutes for those looking for an alcohol-free night out on the town when we opened our location.

Hot Honey Margarita from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario
Hot Honey Margarita from WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario

“This was just another way to continue the innovative work we do and provide guests that extra special touch they’ve come to expect from us,” explains Adriano Ciotoli, co-owner of WindsorEats. “Having cocktails or beer is such a social activity that those who don’t drink are often left feeling awkward sipping on water or a drink that is high in sugar.”

It’s not just those who don’t drink alcohol that are imbibing in the faux cocktails and beer.

Patrons who have already had a couple cocktails, but are enjoying themselves and want to extend their visit, are shifting over to the non-alcohol versions to prolong their evening without overdrinking.

“We wanted to provide the same creativity and thoughtfulness in our non-alcohol options to ensure all our guests felt comfortable and at their best when visiting us for food, drinks, or entertainment.”

In addition to non-alcohol beer, WindsorEats has a slate of spirit substitutes for gin, whisky, and tequila, allowing guests to enjoy a margarita that is almost identical to the popular alcohol version. WindsorEats has already served hundreds of alcohol-free cocktails since we opened in April 2022.

If you think this is a passing fad, think again. Popular alcohol-free brands, like Seedlip, are starting to be purchased by the large players in the spirit industry, like Diageo PLC, indicating a belief the demand is here to stay.

Much of the boom has taken place online, with a whopping 315% increase in non and low-alcoholic beverage sales over the past year compared with a 26% rise in online sales of alcoholic options during that period, according to Nielsen.

Other alcohol-free cocktails being offered at WindsorEats include Negronis, Manhattans, and more.