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Co-owner of WindsorEats and co-creator of the WineTrail Ride, Windsor Craft Beer Festival, Whiskytown and some other pretty awesome events.

What's on for New Years?

Not sure what to do for New Year’s? Here’s a list of happenings going on across the city. BIN 151 New Years Eve is just around the corner and reservations at BIN 151 are filling up fast! The evening’s menu will definitely fill your palette and your stomach. For reservations call 519.977.0112 Caldwell’s Grant There…


Potato Dumplings

Growing up in an Italian family, the night before Christmas was always very important and looked forward to more than Christmas Day. The kids were allowed to stay up well past midnight while the adults would play tombola (which is basically bingo but instead of using a bingo dabber we’d use beans, lentils or any…


10 more shopping days till Christmas!

Even though the weather has been unusually mild and there is not even a flake on the ground, you can still feel that excitement in the air. People are bustling about getting everything on their lists checked off. Unlike myself, who hasn’t even started Christmas shopping, many people start their holiday shopping early and are…


Christmas Cookie bliss

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas cookies. Early in November my mom starts baking the dozen or so different types of cookies for the holiday season. As kids, my brothers, sister and I could hardly wait until the first of the holiday visits when mom would break those cookies out and set them on the table for the guests. We’d wait at the edge of the table until the