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Co-owner of WindsorEats and co-creator of the WineTrail Ride, Windsor Craft Beer Festival, Whiskytown and some other pretty awesome events.

Festival Epicure is back on!

Yup, you heard it right! Festival Epicure is a go for this year thanks to the DRTP and Ambassador Bridge. They even mention our email campaign! [WindsorEats]Eo1jmlFHRAQ[/WindsorEats]


Spring is here!

It’s official…spring is here! For me it’s not marked by a day on a calendar…but by the day I officially open a window and let that spring breeze flow through my house. And with spring comes great events! Check out some of these: Comfort Food Feast at Taloola Cafe Sunday, March 25th Honeymoon Suite at…


We're on Facebook!

Yes, I finally decided to move up into the year 2007 and got an account on Facebook. And I’m hooked! So if you’re on Facebook too, come over and join the group! We post events, pictures and have a few discussion groups. You can find us under, what else, Windsor Eats!


As the Cheese Turns….

Yes, through the wonders of the internet…we can now watch cheese being turned in real time! I introduce to you..(insert drum roll here) Cheddar Vision! Thanks to the folks over at West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers, we can now be at ease..knowing that someone is turning the cheese. Mind you I have yet to see that…