Pspspsps! Windsor’s Very First Cat Cafe Is Coming

Here kitty kitty kitty!

After 6 years of hard work putting together all the details, Windsor, Ontario, is about to get its very first cat cafe.

Owner, Chantelle Gaudette, has recently signed a lease at 1326 Ottawa Street to open up Yay For Strays Cat Cafe. The new business will partner with the Windsor Essex County Humane Society and foster about 20 cats at a time in a non caged environment. These cats will be available to play with and or adopt.


So How Will It Work?

Chantelle’s vision for Yay For Strays will see guests have the ability to purchase something to eat or drink, just like a regular cafe. There will also be merchandise for sale. An admission fee will be charged for every 30 minutes someone wishes to enter the “cat lounge” area. A waiver would also need to be signed.

This gives people the opportunity to be able to support the kittens and cats needing homes, or also those be a great place to hang out for those who would love a pet, but are unable to have one within their homes for a number of reasons.

When you enter the “cat lounge”, you will find kittens and cats that the Humane Society has specifically picked out so they will be comfortable in such an environment. They are non caged and roaming freely.

If there’s one cute lil furball that you’re absolutely gaga over and are considering adopting, there is also a VIP room upon request for some one on one time.

The business is aiming to open 6 days a week and officially open their doors within the next month or two.


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