These Nachos Are Absolutely Next Level Awesomeness

With the launch of Friday Night Trivia at WindsorEats, our Test Kitchen decided to pump out a new item that was perfect for trivia buffs and food lovers alike.

Our test kitchen is constantly launching new menu items and the latest item to be added to the menu has already been a hit. Since trivia nights are now a thing at WindsorEats, we feel you can’t host one without having nachos. That being said, it just wouldn’t be WindsorEats’ M.O. to serve up regular, run of the mill nachos.

First, we deep fried wonton wrappers to act as the nacho base, then cook up some salmon, corn and red peppers to place on nachos. Then cheese is melted overtop before adding diced tomatoes and a lightly spicy gochujang sauce overtop.

It’s a perfect size to have all for yourself and each fried wonton is individually packed with all that goodness so you don’t get stuck with one of those chips of nothingness that plague so many nachos.

WindsorEats is located at 400 Erie Street East in Windsor, Ontario.


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