WindsorEats has added a little bit of holiday flare to their cocktail menu.

Our bartenders have been hard at work testing our a variety of holiday cocktails and the Gingerbread Margarita is the first one being added.

Much like our apple pie margarita and our pumpkin spice margarita before that, we make our own syrup from scratch for the gingerbread margarita that includes cloves, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. To kick up even more spice flavour, we replace the tequila that’s in a classic margarita and use spiced rum.



The gingerbread margarita is one of approximately 30 styles of margaritas that we serve. If it’s too tough to decide which one you’d like, we’ve made it a little easier by offering margarita flights.

Our margarita flights include four 5oz margaritas of your choice, allowing you to mix and match any of our offerings. They’ve become extremely popular, easily becoming our best seller. We recently had to double the amount of flight boards we had to keep up with demand!

WindsorEats is located at 400 Erie St. E. in Windsor, Ontario, and is open Thursdays to Sundays.