It’s been a not-so-well hidden secret that last couple weeks, but, WindsorEats has finally hired our very own chef!

Now, with someone in-house we’re launching what we’re calling the WindsorEats Test Kitchen at our location at 400 Erie St. E. in Windsor, Ontario. We’ll be utilizing our kitchen to experiment with some wild and crazy food creations to be made available to all of our guests along with our drink menu (margarita flights, anyone?) and any other chefs, restaurants, or food trucks stationed on our patio.

Anyone who visited in the last couple weeks may have seen Adrian Webber easing into his position by offering our Ya Basic! burger and some deep fried mac and cheese balls. These were in preparation for the Windsor Craft Beer Festival taking place on October 14-15, 2022, which we’ll be setting up as a food vendor.

After that, it’ll be full steam ahead at our location regularly testing out new and exciting twists on dishes. For example, did you happen to catch us attempting what we called a Pickle Dog? It was a giant pickle, stuffed with a Brenner’s hot dog, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in pizza dough from Oven 360 and then covered in panko before being deep fried. Because why not?!

We’re so excited to start unleashing all our food dreams and ideas!